Ministry of Education



          Background History

                   West Yangon University was situated in Htantabin (xef;wyif) Township, across the Hlaing River, Yangon Region. The University was opened on 27th June, 2002. The area of the University is 250 acre.

Fig. 10 West Yangon University

In 2002 to 2005, U Saw Kyaw  Min served as Rector. At the beginning of the opening University, 13 major subjects were taught and addition to the Law Department in 2012.1

1Kyi Win, “West Yangon University AKyaungThiKaung Saya (ရန္ကုန္အေနာက္ပိုင္းတကၠသိုလ္အေၾကာင္းသိေကာင္းစရာ)”, West Yangon University Hnit Le Magazine, 2002-2003, 42.

Now, there are 14 departments and 16 majors subject in the West Yangon University. In 2015, Dr.Myo Thein Gyi served as Rector before he was become Minister of Education in 2016. Now, Dr. Khin Thida, Pro-Rector is undertaking the University as a Rector.

Fig. 11 Main Building of  West Yangon University

On August 1st 2002, WYU library was opened. Library was in Gangaw (uHhaumf) Building (2). Then, the library was shifted to Jade Building (1), on December 26th 2002.

Fig. 12    Initial Library Room of  West Yangon University Library

 In the beginning, the lecture room was used as library. Daw Ni Ni Aye served as a librarian from on August 15th 2003 to on May16th 2005 and Daw Yu Yu Myaing as a librarian from on July 8th 2005 up to the present time. The library started to run with the monographs 2114 volumes. In 2013, the library was moved to the Main Building on the ground floor.

In 2014, a new building was built for the library which offers library services to readers. The library was moved to the new library building in June 2015.

          Aims and Objectives

                   The major aims and objectives of WYU library are;

  •     To fosters intellectual growth by supporting excellence and        innovation in Education and research, delivering information and knowledge in various subjects
  •      To provide the monographs as main learning resources for the under graduate and post graduate teaching programs
  •    To access Wi-Fi and e-library with academic sources (or) e-resources from EBSCO Database2

          Library Hour

                   The library opens daily from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM except weekends and public holidays.

2Librarian of West Yangon University Library, interview by Khine Zin Zin, December 10 2016, Yangon .

          Library Building

Fig. 13  West Yangon University Library

          The library building is a 2-storeyed building and situated between the main building and canteens, opposite the English department. The area of the library is 112ft. × 66 ft. On the ground floor, there are circulation section (1), e-library section, reference room and librarian office room, stack room and reading room (1). On the first floor, there are circulation section (2), reading room (2) and resource room for visually impaired students. The air conditioners were configured in the librarian room, reference room, stack room and resource room for visually impaired students. Other sections were equipped fans.

          Library Budget

                   For the financial year from 2002-2003 are 2 lakhs and  2015-2016 are lakhs 100 have been allowed for the library. The following tables shows the annual budget allotment provided by the Government.

Table 7  Library Annual Budget of WYU Library

Sr. Financial Year Budget allowment (Kyat in thousand)
1 2010-2011 800.00
2 2011-2012 820.00
3 2012-2013 13900.00
4 2013-2014 13900.00
5 2014-2015 10150.00
6 2015-2016 10000.00

Source: Responses of the librarian of WYU Library, 3.1.2017

          Staff Organization

Each University library in the initial stages starts with a very less number of staff. In this connection it is worthwhile to know the recommendations given by the Parry Committee “Each University should consider as a matter of agency the most practical solution within its own institution to the problem of the provision of sufficient staff to give instruction on library use in all fields of both to under graduates and post graduates.”3

The library was started five staff of the West Yangon University. At present, set up for library staffs were 19 but only eight were appointed.

Table 8 Current Library Staff of WYU Library

Sr. Name Designation Qualification Salary Scale (Kyat)
1 Daw Yu YuMyaing Librarian B.A. (Geog.), DLIS 280,000-4,000-300,000
2 Daw Khin Thet Oo Assistant Librarian B.A. (Geog.), DLIS, M.A.,(LIS) 250,000-4,000-270,000
3 Daw Phyo Myat Thu Library Assistant-2 B.A. (Eco.), DLIS, M.A. (LIS) 180,000-2,000-190,000
4 Daw Tin Nilar Htay Library Assistant-2 B.Sc. (Chem.), DLIS,        M.A. (LIS) 180,000-2,000-190,000
5 Daw Than Than Htay Library Assistant-2 B.Sc. (Chem.), DLIS       180,000-2,000-190,000
6 DawKhine Zin Zin Library Assistant-3 B.Sc. (Math.), DLIS        165,000-2,000-175,000
7 Naw Naero Phaw Library Assistant-4 B.Sc. (Bot.), DLIS      150,000-2,000-160,000
8 Daw Ei Ei Phyo Wai Library Assistant-4 B.A. (LIS) 150,000-2,000-160,000

3“Report of the University Grants Committee (UK)”, (London: HMSO, 1968), 142.

          Library Collection

                    The library in the West Yangon University in accordance with the University Library level has stored books and literatures with the emphasis on the students, learning and the teachers’ teaching. Moreover, it has a collection of books such as subject books required for teaching, reference books, knowledgeable and aesthetic books that can widen the scope of knowledge, books on various sections like locally issued monthly magazines, weekly journals and daily newspapers including international periodicals that are donated by foreign embassies.

Fig. 14 Stack Room of West Yangon University Library

          Furthermore, encyclopedias and academic subjects, CD on dictionaries as well as e-books copied from the Department of Higher Education and the CD purchase from D.H.E are also kept in this library. Apart from all those books, there are some books donated by Yangon Region Union Solidarity and Development Association the Supervision Committee, Yangon Region, the Committee of University Annual Magazines and other donors.

          CD-ROM is listed in the separate list books. Since the library was established in 2002 and up to March 2016, the numbers of the books are 27,727 and the total of 11,493 periodicals has been collected, the total periodicals are 50 titles. Out of the 50 titles in periodicals, 21 titles were bought and other 24 periodicals were donated by the journals press and by others. Among the 21 periodical bought, 11 kinds of Myanmar Magazines, three kinds of Magazine in English, three journals in Myanmar and one kind of journal in English. Hence, it was noticed that there are more books donated than the books bought.

Table 9 Annual Collections of Books of WYU Library

Year English Myanmar Total (Vol.)
2010-2011 155 191 346
2011-2012 609 265 874
2012-2013 344 338 682
2013-2014 860 535 1395
2014-2015 1212 1260 2475
2015-2016 1875 693 2568
Total 5055 3282 8337

Table 10 Annual Collections of Periodicals of WYU Library

Year English Myanmar Total (Vol.)
2010-2011 308 359 667
2011-2012 464 346 810
2012-2013 618 354 972
2013-2014 443 580 1023
2014-2015 485 439 924
2015-2016 421 390 811
Total 2739 2468 5207

          Organization of Collection   

                    In cataloguing knowledgeable and aesthetic books in the library, AACR 2 (Anglo American Cataloguing Rules, 2nd ed. and DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification, 23rd ed.) is used. In dividing the subjects (Sears List of Subject Heading, 20th ed.) is applied respectively. Monographs are arranged according to the classification system. Journals are listed in the registration book and recorded with word 12 (Pa) from of the card. Similarly, magazines and newspapers are arranged according to the respective numbers. Daily newspapers are bound into the volume every month. The two copies of magazines are bound into, one volume that those are bound by UCL. The journals are also collected in order of their dates bound according to their volumes.

 Besides, these are kept in the alphabetical order and they are stored year by year. CD-ROM are listed in the registration book, the accession numbers of the respective book is copied into CD and the CD are kept being arranged in order of CD accession number in separate cupboards.

In collecting monographs, some are bought with the library budget (0309) and the other books are donated. Furthermore, the books on academic subject that are bought by the departments are also compiled and they are listed in the library registration book. So, the students are supported in their studies with much kind of subjects.

          Library Services

                    Among the collected books and literatures, other literatures books and the books on academic subjects that are needed provided after they have been analysis which kind of literature and which kind of books are more interested by the academic teachers and students in WYU. In providing services the users are being paid services according to the respective section so that it is convenient for them.

Fig. 15 Circulation Section of West Yangon University Library

 In the circulation section (2), library member cards are made and in the circulation section (1) the books can be borrowed. Users admitted to borrow the books in the library involve the teachers, students and staff in WYU. However, if there were other users, for example, researchers are aided, especially; they bring recommendations or testimony with regard to the books and reference periodicals they are allowed to be read only in the library. If a user can use it for thesis, it’s allowed to copy those books. The reference books can be loaned overnight. To be able to make a member card, a teacher needs to bring three photos in passport size, two borrower cards are for the teacher and a student needs to bring two photos in passport size and one borrower card is made for staff. One book can be borrowed for each card and the duration is one week. For teaching, the necessary academic books are borrowed from one month to two months. For the spoilt or lost books can be returned by substituting with original books together with overdue fine. If there were no original books and if they were books donated to the library, the similar books to the original are accepted and if they are the books bought by the library, the must be paid with the triple current cost. If the books were copied ones, that copy and the other suitable books must be returned with compensation. If the borrowed books overdue, two kyat is fined for one day and it is paid to the Finance Department of WYU every month.

If a student has not been a member of the library he/she can give his student identity card or the bill that he/she had enrolled to this university and can read any book he/she likes. The user’s things can be kept in the lockers. Periodicals are displayed on display shelves in Reading Room (1) which is located on the ground floor. Concerning the new arrivals, they are shown on the new arrival rack and so the students can read according to their choice.

Fig. 16  Reading Room of West Yangon University Library

          The journals are also kept by means of update system and the users can read them weekly. The reading tables are also separately arranged for one desk for each reader. Reading Room (1) can hold 21 clients at one time reading. As for loaning the books in the stack room, the users can search in the catalogue cabinet and hat to copy the call number. Then, he/she must give it to the circulation section (1) and can borrow or read any books or any subject. When user wants to seek the books for term papers or project, the services for helping search the books on the respective academic subjects, surfing the Internet to get the required information are offered to reader. Moreover, the reference books, encyclopedias and newspapers are looked for by the help of the library staff.

          In this library, there are borrowers daily or average and reader and e-library users are from 80 to 100 in number for per day. In Circulation Section (2), besides giving service for making library member cards, old questions, theses, research journals, books and documents issued from the Arts and Science Organization, daily newspaper, Annual University Magazines, and term papers can be borrowed. The Reading Room (2) located on the first floor; the above mentioned books can be read. There are separate tables arranged for each user for one table and at one time, 59 readers can read in that room or tables for group discussion are systematically arranged.

Fig. 17 Resource Room for Visually Impaired Students of  West Yangon University Library

          For the purpose of helping visually impaired students, a separate room in made on the first floor at the library. There are three computers and the visually impaired students can listen to the Non Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) software.

          In order to be able to use the computer, the modules for those students are installed into the computer by the help of the library staff. Besides, it is linked to the Internet and so, users can search the information and the data they like.

Fig. 18  e-Library Section of West Yangon University Library

          In the WYU, e-library was launched in 2007 at the Resource Centre in at the Kyauk Sein (ausmufpdrf;) Building (Jade Hall). It was started with five computers and they were linked with the MPT Satellite. At that time, only the Youth Website was accessed. For daily duty in the e-library, each teacher from each department is assigned and was supervised by the secretary (from the computer supervision board). One of the library staff must take the responsibility of turning on and off the mechanical parts, examining the destruction of the mechanical part. Furthermore, the list of the daily runtime and the record books of the list of users are carried out by the library staff.          In October 2010, e-library software was initially used. From 2015 to the present time, e-library is occupied on the ground floor of the library. There are services such as EBSCO database and eTekkatho (off-line) website for the users. The users who want to search the information through the e-library software can borrow the books by inserting their cards into the catalogue. In the e-library section, 21 computers have been installed and the users can seek the information they need. Before using the e-lib software, only CDS-ISIS was utilized. At the present moment with the aid and support of Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL), books on academic subjects, journals and e-resources can easily be sought and applied via EBSCO database which was supported by EIFL.

In addition, eTekkatho Digital Library Service (off-line) was supported by Manchester University. Both can be read in English as well as in Myanmar. Apart from all these accessibilities Wi-Fi is can be used (free of charge) so that the users can access both in the library and still the vicinity of the library. Wi-Fi can be used by personal mobile phone or personal laptop. The students and the teachers who want to search the information on the Internet are helped surf the Internet by the staff not only that by CD-ROM or memory stick, the data and the information can be copied. Also, the separately stored CD-ROM are borrowed according to the subjects, if necessary. Training on the ways of using EBSCO software and how it supports in doing theses were conducted. For the post-graduate students and teachers who are doing so research.

          Library Furniture and Electronic Equipment

                    The West Yangon University library was started the less number of equipment and only one computer. Currenly, the library housed the items of equipment and furniture are following:

Table 11 Electronic Equipment of WYU Library

Sr. Type Amount Brand / Version
1 Computer (users) 25 ViewSonic ,         VA 2046 A
2 Computer (office) 3 Acer, Intel®Core™ i7-4770
3 Air-conditioner 4 CHIGO, 1Hp

Table12 Library Furniture of WYU Library

Sr. Type Amount
1 Reading tables 80
2 Chairs 149
3 Cupboard (Glass) 30
4 Stack (Iron) 29
5 Periodical rack 2
6 Magazine rack 5
7 Locker 7
8 Counter 2


          At the present time, the WYU library is a separately two-stored built hall and situated in Yangon, west district, Htantabin Township. In spite of its narrow area, services are programmed for the student’s and user’s convenience. In the function of the circulation section, e-library catalogue is inserted in the computer for seeking the books via computer. As there are lockers for the clients to leave their things before they go into the library, there is a few losses of the books. In addition, there is a safety for the books and documents. It is also easy and convenient for the students who has hit made student identity card to borrow the books as they are allowed to borrow the books with their library member cards which they made when they enrolled the WYU.

          Among the books and documents, if the necessary ones are not present in the library, users can enter the e-library and surf the books they need. If users find difficulty in applying the Internet, they will be helped by the library staff. Moreover, as up-to-date periodicals have been displayed. The users can acquire the current information. It is easy and speedy for the users to search the Internet as the library is installed with Wi-Fi access points and due to the unlimited number of mobile phones.

          On the other hand, there is a few staff and a small number of books are to the budget condition. In spite of being allowed to use the Internet for searching the information concerned with their study, most of the under-graduate students are using, it merely for their personal and social media. Thus, it can be evaluated that there are a small number of the users who actually access the library for their information. Unlike the researchers and post-graduate students since the librarian room and reference room are attached, it makes the reference users difficult to search for the information they need as much as they like. It is revealed that buying monthly books is done just a little and donated books are also few in numbers and therefore there is a necessity of books to be collected. The mostly loaned out books are 800 on literature, 900 on History and 100 on Philosophy, whereas it is notices that the library is mostly used by the students majoring English, Myanmar, IC, Chemistry and Geography. Thus, it can be remarked that thought there are 10649 students in WYU; the actual users are still few.

          Hence, it is suggested that the awareness on how to use the library is to be carried out for the students. Training on devising the e-library systematically and properly should be conducted to facilitate their term papers and theses. In doing so, the library staff also ought to be skillful in their field with full qualification. Likewise, it is supposed that the Government ought to provide sufficient amount of budget and support complete electronic facilities. Only then, the library in this WYU would become significantly obvious if the university library played a vital role in upgrading the standard of education. It is hoped that the library would become the library which would have development in every section and also could offer information updatable.